Saturday, August 4, 2007

Free Tees!

Free t-shirts might be one of the best things in the universe (and I learned a while ago that the universe is likely to be more than 23-billion light years big). Even considering the size of the universe, I don't remove free tees from the list of the universe's bests. Of course, that would mean aliens would have to like them too. I'm sure they do. They seem cool. Hmmm, if humans make t-shirts sporting aliens with big eyes, green skin, and over-sized heads, do you think aliens make shirts of humans with beady eyes, ample hair, and small heads? If so, that's really embarrassing for us.


Ewee said...

One of my first memories of you is when we walked around the TSC to get as many free T-shirts we could. That's when I learned you were a very resourceful person!

Shane Larsen said...

Ha! That's funny, others call it cheap. I like your perspective; it favors me.