Wednesday, September 26, 2007

G-Rated Expletives

About two flippin' years ago I was working as a blasted baggage handler at the darn SLC airport. I was pulling a spring-loaded gear switch when the bloomin' thing slipped and snapped down onto my finger! WOWSERS! It hurt. It smashed my finger between two pieces of metal. I couldn't help my emotions, so I screamed, "AW GEE, WHAT GIVES!"

I realized after that I was acting like a silly fool. I was embarrassed, so I quit my complainin' and zipped my mouth. I sure do wish I could take them words back. I learned my lesson that day. Learned it real good.

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Nat said...

I love that flippin' story! You KNOW that if I would have been there I would have been on the ground peeing my pants! I agree...G-rated expletives are dang awesome. Thanks for making me freakin' always :)