Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Physical Challenges

I like a good physical challenge. And the world is a venue of endless possibilities. You could be hiking through the red rock and invent a game where your shoes can only touch rocks (it's called "Bounding"). You could be on a boat and decide to jump out of it at top speed ("Dive of Death" or "Entrada de la Muerte"). Or you could be atop a pyramid in Tical, Guatemala and decide to do a handstand (see video for the name for that). Get creative wherever you go and invent a physical challenge. You'll like life more.

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The Wells Family said...

One of these days...I have to admit I am a wimp. My hubby on the other hand couldn't be more extreme on his "physical challenges". I know he secretly wishes I would rock climb El Capitan or some sheer ice wall with him like his buddies and their wives do. I DID hike to the top of Half Dome with him and bawled my eyes out...very traumatic, but a huge rush.

P.S. didn't you just celebrate your 30th birthday??