Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rock Your Neck Off!

I look at it this way: if I'm going to do something stupid, I hope somebody sees it so it's at least worth a good laugh and therefore, good for something. By the same philosophy, if an injury incurs as a result of a thoughtless moment, it should be shared, right?

Yesterday, I was rocking Guitar Hero III. And I really mean that. I guarantee I was rocking "Bulls On Parade" harder than anybody else in the world right then. You should have seen the way I hit the strums at the peak of my X jumps. I mouthed every single note of the song. And when I wasn't in the air, I was moving around the stage (living room) like Steven Tyler on crack. One particular head bang was so intense that I kinked my neck something fierce. I knew I had hurt it, but the song wasn't over and I wasn't going to quit because of a little neck injury. I went hard to the last note.

This morning, I about screamed out loud when I lifted my head. I'll be turning my whole upper body to look to my left for about a week. But go ahead and ask me if I regret it. My response is, "FEEL THE FUNK NOW!"

Rocking out very hard is one of the most liberating activities on the planet. Whether it's with GH, Rock Band, or real instruments and stuff, it's one of life's bests. Try it. I think you'll like it.



The Wells Family said...

A big shout out to Rage Against Machine. Ahh...sweet tunes as a college Freshman. Thanks for helping me relive those moments...even though it cost you some pain.

CoreyTina&boys said...

haha, thats so funny. {and yet not funny}at least you hurt yourself having fun, I threw out my back a few weeks ago I couldn't walk, or move my arms or legs or anything, no fun when you have 2 kids and are married to a pilot who is really gone when he is gone!! I had to be babysat for a week...too bad the injury didn't occur in as cool of a way as yours did! hope you feel better!

Jen Petty said...

Hey Shane! I saw your blog via Melodie and Eric's and had to say Hi! I seriously laughed out loud at your post! I still remember good times in Sherlock's class!